Patient Frequently Asked Questions

Q#1: What is physical therapist?

Physical Therapy (PT) is a wide range of services including rehabilitation of surgical and non surgical orthopedic (bone joint) injuries neurological rehabilitation and wound care, to name a few.

Q#2: What can I expect at my first visit to Sports Rehab Specialists?

Once our patient representative (Barbara) checks you in and prepares your chart, a physical therapist will meet with you. They will first sit down and listen to the history of your injury then evaluate the injured area. The therapist then creates a personalized plan of care and treatment specific to your injury.

Q#3: How long will I be at therapy?

Each treatment usually lasts 1-2 hours and the number of visit is prescribed by your physician who refers you (occasionally limited due to insurance).

Q#4: What should I wear?

Comfortable, workout type clothes and if you injury is to the knee or lower leg shorts are best.